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DEXA scans by Bodycomp Imaging give an in-depth look at your body composition.

DEXA scans by Bodycomp Imaging give an in-depth look at your body composition.

Improving our body and health can be much simpler when we have all the information.

And that’s the advantage of data provided by DEXA (DXA) scans from Bodycomp Imaging in White Rock and South Surrey.

“DXA technology is the most accurate way to measure body composition by measuring lean muscle, fat, fat around organs (visceral fat) and bone density,” says Chloe Richardson at Bodycomp Imaging. Each of these components can be improved upon with changes to lifestyle, and your progress can be monitored accurately – DXA can identify a change in the body of less than 1 per cent.

Reducing levels of visceral fat, for example, can help reduce the chances of major diseases like diabetes and heart disease.

“People are looking to regain energy after COVID,” Richardson says. “There’s been a huge pattern of people getting out of their normal routines around health and fitness, and this can really empower people to improve their health.”

DXA scanning produces a huge amount of accurate data to allow for precise planning and setting realistic goals. It highlights key areas in the body that need attention to achieve better health and energy. This also helps to motivate by revealing muscle growth and improved strength, fat-loss, weight-loss, and successful rehabilitation over a period of time.

“Athletes can really optimize their performance through enhanced knowledge about their body, inside and out,” Richardson says. “The scans can be used to identify weaknesses in the body, to identify limbs that are causing injury, and to give you the ability to prevent or correct injury.”

“Most people don’t realize just how quick, safe, and affordable these procedures are – the scanners use a process called x-ray absorptiometry, not to be confused with x-ray, which produces very low radiation.

“They are open to the public with no reference required, and prices start between $150 and $250.”

The skilled team at Bodycomp will review the scan data immediately after the session and help to define key areas for you to work on. Each booking is up to one hour long and includes the scan, interpretation of the results, and suggestions for an actionable plan for lifestyle changes that will help you reach your goals.

All of this adds up to give people a powerful set of tools, whether to optimize athletic performance, address specific health challenges or simply attain better overall health management!

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