Initiative Foundation Announces Fall ’22 Enterprise Academy Graduation Class

(KNSI) – Seventeen people have graduated from the fall 2022 Enterprise Academy entrepreneurship training program.

It is the 10th cohort to successfully complete the 12-week course sponsored by the Central Minnesota Community Empowerment Organization, Higher Works Collaborative, and the Initiative Foundation. It includes training, personal coaching, and access to start-up loans to help get their dreams off the ground.

The graduates represent a diverse line of existing and potential businesses, everything from operating a bed and breakfast to owning a commercial trucking company.

A complete list of the graduates is below, along with a summary of their companies provided by the Initiative Foundation.

-Hassan Haji Ali: Hassan has owned his long-haul trucking company, Zee Transport, LLC, for nearly three years. He hopes to expand his business to hire drivers and purchase equipment.

-Omar Ali: Omar plans to grow his trucking business, Eagle Carrier, and believes the newfound management tips he’s learned will help him as he expands. In the past, Omar has worked in a warehouse and has driven a taxi.

-Arnise Balle: Arnise joined Enterprise Academy to network and develop her business skills. She currently owns Joy’Full Place Catering and hopes to expand to a bed-and-breakfast and catering truck. Arnise currently works for Stearns County Human Services.

-Leah Beack: Leah owns Emotion in Motion, a mobile, splatter-paint-room experience. She showcased her business at the Benton County Fair and various community events in 2022. Leah hopes to sell this concept on Amazon and aspires to hire employees to work at events. She is an active volunteer and currently works with Too Much Talent, a St. Cloud nonprofit.

-Maurice Burson: Maurice owns Barber Hussle, a St. Cloud-based barbershop, and also does government contracting. His goal is to start an accredited barber school and to help those who are “left behind.” Maurice is studying for his master’s degree in business administration at St. Cloud State University.

-Farhiyo Idifle: Farhiyo recognizes the shortage of mental health professionals in Minnesota, specifically those who specialize in working with African immigrants. She is building her business, CAREMAX, to meet the need for these services. A licensed social worker, she dreams of giving back to the community and helping those with mental health challenges.

-Sahal Mohamed: Sahal is a truck driver and would like to use his Enterprise Academy learnings to start his own trucking business, buy equipment and hire employees.

-Otis Morris: Otis wants to go into real estate so he can develop affordable housing to help those who are facing housing challenges. He participated in Enterprise Academy to learn, develop and obtain entrepreneurship skills. Otis currently serves as the dean of students at North Junior High School.

-Mark Ojulu: Mark is a truck driver and plans to take what he has learned through the Enterprise Academy to start a successful trucking business. Mark has worked as a machine operator and freight hauler.

-Zacharia Omar: Zacharia works at a group home and would like to use what he has learned through the Enterprise Academy to start his own group home. His dream is to own multiple homes across Minnesota. Zacharia is currently pursuing a degree in accounting at St. Cloud Technical and Community College.

-Toni Rakke: Toni started Every BODY Wellness to help people become physically, mentally and spiritually fit. She is a registered nurse and currently works at a dialysis clinic. Her dream is to open an accessible wellness center.

-Darold Robinson: Darold recently started a lawn care and snow removal business, A.T.R. Lawn Services. Darold currently works as a lead grinder in a meat plant.

-Fathia Said: Fathia plans to start Dajiya Home Care. Her goal is to have two home-care locations in operation by 2025. Fathia is excited to use the business skills she has learned through the Enterprise Academy to launch her business. She currently works for the St. Cloud School District.

-Tombong Suware: Tombong would like to apply his Enterprise Academy learnings to open a grocery store. He currently serves as a production supervisor.

-Morgan Tate: Morgan opened her business, Advancing Together, in April 2022. She provides home- and community-based services for people facing homelessness. Her work is covered by Medicaid and falls under the Minnesota Department of Human Services. Morgan also is a certified doula.

-Nick Workman: Nick aspires to start a catering business and expand to grocery stores. In the meantime, he is looking for a commercial space.

-Mustafa Yusuf: Mustafa works as a contracted driver. His aspiration is to start his own trucking company. Mustafa previously worked as a contracted interpreter.


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