July 25, 2024

Agrology, a Public Benefit Corporation, has joined forces with three premier produce growers – Bowles Farming Company, Braga Fresh Family Farms, and Taylor Farms. This groundbreaking collaboration underscores a commitment to building soil health as a cornerstone for the future of farming. Each grower now utilizes the Agrology Arbiter System to monitor and measure the impact of their regenerative programs on soil health, microbial function, soil carbon stocks, and water conservation.

“Preserving a healthy world for future generations through resource conservation and responsible business practices is core to our business,” said John McKeon, Director of Organic Integrity and Compliance at Taylor Farms. “The future of farming hinges on prioritizing soil health and we are excited to work with Agrology to gather the data to guide us as we further expand our regenerative journey.”

By championing the critical role of soil biology in regenerative agriculture, each grower commits to agricultural practices that increase microbial biomass and biodiversity, placing their operations on a path towards carbon neutrality. This commitment is deeply rooted in each grower’s long-standing tradition of stewardship and responsible agriculture.

With over 160 years of farming experience in California, Bowles Farming Company prides itself on stewarding its environment and natural resources. “Our enduring philosophy centers around stewardship of our farming legacy, underscoring our profound connection to our people, community, soil, and environment,” said Cannon Michael, CEO of Bowles Farming Company. “We are thrilled to have the Arbiter System measure and monitor those outcomes so that we can protect and build our soil health. A productive and healthy soil is one of the legacies we will leave to future generations.”

“Managing soil health and carbon flux is pivotal in our regenerative agriculture journey,” said Eric Morgan, Vice President of Environmental Science and Resources at Braga Fresh Family Farms. “The Arbiter System has been instrumental in gauging the impact of our regenerative practices, enabling data-driven decisions and continuous improvement. Seeing other leading produce growers adopt new methods to advance soil health is incredibly inspiring.”

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Agrology’s cutting-edge technology facilitates real-time monitoring of soil biological activity and carbon flux and offers insights into microbial biomass, soil moisture, nutrient cycling, water holding capacity, and climate data. These insights aid growers in precisely understanding soil and field conditions. Agrology built upon the scientific lineages of soil chambers and gas flux analysis to create the Arbiter System which is affordable, scalable, and rugged enough to survive even the toughest of agricultural environments.

Adam Koeppel, Co-Founder and CEO of Agrology, emphasizes the importance of this initiative: “Our partnership with Braga Fresh Family Farms, Bowles Farming Company, and Taylor Farms signifies a pivotal change in agriculture towards a regenerative, sustainable, and prosperous farming future. This shows these growers’ commitment to quantifying and understanding the impact of their practices on soil health and soil life.”

“Supporting these growers in measuring and managing their soil biology is a privilege as they recenter soil health as a key metric of success and advance the well-being of their operations, communities, and our planet,” added Koeppel.

Agrology leads innovation in the intersection of precision agriculture, regenerative agriculture, and ground-truth environmental services. As a recipient of several National Science Foundation SBIR awards and as a Public Benefit Corporation, Agrology’s mission focuses on enhancing sustainability, profitability, and decision making within the agricultural community through real-time, ground-truth measurement and predictive insights. The company’s technologies enable a collaborative, innovative approach for all stakeholders in regenerative agriculture, enabling growers, academics, and CPG brands to evaluate and mitigate climate change impacts.



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