June 17, 2024

Distribution maps of native mosquitoes

The maps show the current distribution of native mosquito species in Europe at ‘regional’ administrative unit level. The maps are based only on confirmed data (published and unpublished) provided by experts.

For native species the possible distribution statuses are:

  • Present: The species has been observed to be present in at least one municipality within the administrative unit.
  • Introduced: The species has been introduced in the administrative unit without confirmed establishment.
  • Anticipated Absent: the species has never been reported and there is a high probability that it is absent.
  • Confirmed Absent: the species has never been reported within the administrative unit and there have been field surveys or studies on mosquitoes within the last 5 years of the distribution status date.
  • No Data: No sampling has been performed and no data on the species is available.
  • Unknown: The status is unknown

Areas outside the scope of the VectorNet geographical scope are colour-coded as ‘Outside scope’.

Vector distribution status changes in terms of spatial units since the previous update

Since the previous update (August 2023), datasets were completed for a wide range of species, with 10.1% as ‘Presence’ data, and 89.4% as absence data (83.7% ‘Anticipated Absent’ and 2.1% ‘Observed Absent’). Important data sets for the occurrence of native species are reported for Israel and Palestine, for which all maps can now be considered completed, according to the published data. However, the species distribution may still slightly change when further field studies are implemented and published, and if mosquito populations do shift. Other notable reports are:

  • Aedes caspius: distribution is completed in e.g. Egypt, Israel, Romania.

  • Aedes detritus/coluzzii: distribution is completed in e.g. Egypt, Israel.

  • Aedes vexans s.l.: distribution is completed in e.g. Romania.

  • Anopheles claviger s.l.: distribution is completed in e.g. Jordan and Israel.

  • Anopheles maculipennis s.l.: distribution is completed in e.g. the Netherlands and Romania.

  • Anopheles plumbeus: first presence data for Poland was reported.

  • Coquillettidia richiardii: distribution is completed in e.g. Czechia, the Netherlands, Romania.

  • Culex modestus: first presence report in Finland is reported.

  • Culex pipiens: distribution is completed in many countries, in particular in Germany and Romania.


Maps for the following species have been published for the first time: Culex antennatus, Culex theileri, Culex tritaeniorhynchus, Culex perexiguus/univittatus, Anopheles claviger s.l., and Culiseta annulata.


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