April 19, 2024

Staff and students within the School of Geography, Earth and Envrionmental Sciences at the University describe the masters degree (MSc) in Environmental Health

Title: MSc Environmental Health (Click to view video on YouTube)

Duration: 2.19 mins

Speaker Names (if given): 

S1 Maurice Brennan, Head of Teaching
S2 Varsha Patel, MSc Environmental Health student
S2 Qian Lu, MSc Environmental Health student 

S1 Well the MSc in Environmental Health is provided by the School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences for those people who want to develop a career in environmental health. It’s a fully accredited course by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health. What I think makes us different is that we spend a lot of time on problem-based learning. Which is we provide case studies within the teaching programme that allows a student to get an insight into professional practice. 

Voice of course lecturer …After we’ve done the standard calculation, what we’ll then do is apply how we feel the likelihood has changed from the norm, from that given 218 figure… 

S2 The benefits of doing the masters in Environmental Health is that I’ve managed to secure a placement at a council and also the skills and knowledge that I’ve learnt throughout the course will benefit me in my chosen profession. 

I believe my skills will have a significant impact on people’s lives as my profession involves protecting individuals. For example, this can include health and safety at work, food safety and protecting the public. 

S1 There’s a wide range of opportunities available for students when they’ve finished the course. There are the regulatory services such as can be found in local authorities, the Health and Safety Executive or the Environment Agency, or within the industrial and commercial sector. The most immediate issue is dealing with climate change and I think the opportunities that there are in the low-carbon economy and I think environmental health professionals have the right sort of skills to be able to make a big contribution to that.

S3 I chose to study at the University of Birmingham because I want to become a qualified environmental health practitioner. I find study in the UK is very different because the UK education system provides opportunity for hands-on experience. I got opportunity to inspect food businesses and I also got the chance to visit the housing conditions in Birmingham.

The teaching staff here is friendly and supportive and give me good advice on the career development. I find the university is very supportive.



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