July 19, 2024

Managing controls across multiple business units becomes increasingly challenging and costly as operational requirements evolve. To help compliance leaders efficiently view and manage control health across product lines, geographies and business units, we’ve launched a new feature called Scopes.

The Scopes feature enables companies to fine-tune control responses to match the unique needs of their business areas, including unique control owners, evidence collection, and testing procedures, while still satisfying compliance framework requirements. Additionally, it allows for visibility across the organization with roll-up health scores to quickly identify and act on issues that can put organizations at risk. This blog dives into how Scopes transforms control management, effectively tackling the unique challenges faced by today’s enterprises.

This blog dives into how Scopes transforms control management, effectively tackling the unique challenges faced by today’s enterprises.

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How Scopes can be leveraged

Managing controls in a rapidly expanding enterprise presents unique challenges. As an organization grows, so does the breadth of its compliance strategy, often leading to duplicated efforts and obscured visibility into control statuses and risks. This complexity is particularly pronounced in scenarios like:

Multiple products and markets

Compliance teams often struggle to ensure that various product lines uniquely comply with standards like ISO 27001,SOC 2, NIST, etc. You could set up Scopes by product line to manage the controls associated with compliance to a certain framework.

Diverse tech stacks

With different departments acquiring new systems annually, ensuring key security controls are operated effectively across all platforms is a formidable task. You could set up scopes to be different cloud platforms used by departments to uniquely track how they are managed.

Geographical and operational diversities

Companies with multiple operation sites or those grown through acquisitions need help in maintaining control based on each area’s need. Scopes could be set up by geography or by subsidiary to allow you to drill down into each unique area and assess control health.

Enabled by Hyperproof’s Control Orchestration Platform (ComOPs), each scope group can fine-tune their unique control owners, evidence collection, and testing procedures within their frameworks. Security and compliance teams can easily monitor the specific control health at all levels of the organization and quickly communicate with the right person. Coupled with analytics, Scopes provides teams with deeper insights into security and compliance adherence, significantly elevating the overall compliance posture of the organization.

What Scopes can do for you

Scopes helps maintain continuous compliance by enabling rapid health trend assessments across all business units. Scopes has health scoring for each scope within an organization so compliance teams can see how their business units perform over time across various dimensions of their organization, whether it’s different departments, locations, or product lines. This functionality helps compliance managers assess the overall health of their controls, enabling them to quickly identify areas of weakness in their continuous compliance strategies before they become bigger problems.

Centralize control management

The Scopes feature simplifies control management by enabling compliance managers to assign access and visibility of individual scopes to precisely those individuals who need it, improving the owner’s focus to their specific areas. This strategic approach enhances operational efficiency by focusing business interests and control access, and significantly minimizes the risk of unauthorized information dissemination.

Streamline control distribution

Scopes helps organizations match the structure of their organization to their control management strategy by enabling compliance teams to create scope groups that reflect their business units easily. By implementing Scopes, compliance managers gain visibility to the state of each scope group within their organization, improving their oversight.

The benefits of implementing Scopes

Implementing Scopes offers numerous advantages, including a comprehensive view of control health across your organization, clear understanding of universal and specific control applications, unified compliance posture aligning corporate and subsidiary compliance efforts, and access assignment that enhances accountability throughout the organization.

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A note to existing customers

Existing Hyperproof customers may recognize Scopes as Teams. While maintaining similar functionality, Scopes provides a significant upgrade. Unlike Teams, Scopes provides enhanced abilities for users to assess the control health across their organization. Now, users can group and pivot their controls by up to 4 dimensions, more easily enforce control access, and analyze the control health of any defined control group.

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