May 27, 2024

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The Mississippi State Department of Health joins health departments across the nation to recognize National Public Health Week, April 1-7, 2024.
This annual observance highlights the importance of public health and its impact on communities here in Mississippi and nationwide.

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At the Mississippi Department of Health (MSDH), our dedication to combating communicable diseases is unwavering. Through our robust vaccination programs and comprehensive testing services, we strive to protect the health and well-being of all Mississippians.

At MSDH, we recognize the critical importance of active prevention and intervention efforts to mitigate the spread of communicable diseases. Through education, outreach and community partnerships, we work to raise awareness about the importance of vaccinations, disease prevention, and safe sexual practices. By promoting healthy behaviors and providing access to essential healthcare services, we strive to improve overall public health and well-being across the state.

Our immunization programs are designed to provide widespread access to vaccines, safeguarding individuals, and communities from a range of preventable infectious diseases. From childhood immunizations to adult vaccinations, we prioritize the administration of vaccines to prevent outbreaks and protect vulnerable populations.

In addition to our vaccination efforts, we offer comprehensive testing services for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Our STD testing initiatives are aimed at early detection and prompt treatment of infections, reducing transmission rates, and preventing the spread of STDs within communities. Through confidential testing and counseling services, we empower individuals to take control of their sexual health and seek appropriate care when needed. We closely monitor the presence of other public health threats such as influenza, tuberculosis and hepatitis, and perform interventions.

Our efforts extend beyond vaccination and testing to include ongoing surveillance and monitoring of communicable diseases. Through data collection and analysis, we identify trends and emerging threats, allowing us to respond swiftly and effectively to outbreaks and public health emergencies.

Together with our dedicated staff, healthcare partners, and community stakeholders, we remain steadfast in our mission to protect the health of all Mississippians and prevent the spread of communicable diseases.


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