July 25, 2024

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) – An increase in precipitation combined with warm temperatures has brought an increase of mosquitoes with it. The Sioux Falls Department of Health spoke out on what precautions the city is taking as well as what precautions you can take to keep the bugs away.

Dominic Miller, the Environmental Health Manager for the department, said that the community is irritated with the amount of mosquitoes in the neighborhood, however, he reassures us that work is being done to keep the bugs to a minimum.

“Listen, we get it. The summers are short in Sioux Falls and South Dakota. People want to get out. We understand the impact that this is putting on the city, but the team is ready to go. They’re fired up and they’re going to be out this week working hard. We’ll be using every tool in the box and we hope and think this will make a difference,” said Miller.

The Sioux Falls Health Department’s Mosquito Control Program will conduct a citywide mosquito spray starting Monday. It will take three days, Monday through Wednesday, to spray the entire city. The City of Brandon will also increase spraying efforts Monday and Tuesday.

The biggest concern with the increase in mosquitos has been the chance of contracting diseases from them, such as West Nile. Last week, the first West Nile Pool of the season was detected in Brookings County. Miller, however, suggests that there is nothing to worry about.

“Out of a trap of 4,600 mosquitoes, there will be 4,550 of them that are nuisance mosquitoes. We are seeing some of the mosquitoes that have the potential to carry disease, but so far we haven’t had any positive pools of the West Nile virus,” said Miller.

There are also ways to see what’s being sprayed and where.

“I would like to remind the city that they can text ‘SPRAY’ to 888-777 and they will get spray alerts. That will let you know when they’re going to be out and which zones they’re going to be in for if you’re curious when they will be in your section of town. It’s going to be all hands on deck this week. We’re going to go all out and try to eliminate as many mosquitoes as we can,” said Miller.

Miller also mentioned a few precautions that could be taken to prevent getting bitten.

“It’s the over the counter repellents that are by far going to be you’re best options, but we encourage people to look around their property to see if they have any water that’s sitting around because if it sits stagnant for a while, it attracts mosquitoes. Every little bit will help right now,” said Miller.

Other ways to prevent bites include wearing long pants and shirts of a lighter color to cover any open skin that could get bitten.

Efforts from the city to prevent the bugs from spreading will continue through the following days and longer if needed.


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