April 19, 2024

US HealthCenter (USHC), a leader in health risk management, and The TE Group, a prominent consulting firm, have officially announced a strategic partnership to enhance employee health management services.

US HealthCenter (USHC), a leader in health risk management, and The TE Group, a prominent consulting firm, have officially announced a strategic partnership to enhance employee health management services. This collaboration aims to integrate USHC’s pioneering health risk management tools with The TE Group’s extensive financial consulting expertise, creating a comprehensive solution for businesses focusing on financial and employee health management.

Michael Neal, Partner at The TE Group, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership: “By collaborating with US HealthCenter, we are bringing together two crucial aspects of business success – financial stability and employee health. This partnership is a game-changer for our clients, allowing us to offer a more holistic approach to business consulting.”

This partnership leverages USHC’s innovative PredictiMed™ AI eCareConnect SaaS platform, renowned for its effectiveness in predictive modeling and health management. Integrating this technology into The TE Group’s service offerings will enable businesses to manage employee health risks proactively, leading to better health outcomes and potentially lower healthcare costs.

Bill Koehler, Partner and Wealth Manager at The TE Group, commented on the impact of the partnership: “We understand that a healthy workforce is the backbone of a successful business. Our alliance with US HealthCenter enhances our ability to support our clients in this vital area, ultimately contributing to their overall success and growth.”

The TE Group, known for its comprehensive financial planning, business accounting, and business consulting services, will now provide an expanded range of solutions that encompass employee health management – a critical component in today’s business environment.

Bill Collins, Wealth Manager at The TE Group, highlighted the prospects: “We’re excited about the possibilities this partnership opens up. Combining US HealthCenter’s medical expertise with our financial acumen creates a powerful tool for businesses to thrive in an increasingly complex world.”

This partnership is expected to enable businesses to effectively address employee well-being while maintaining a strong focus on financial health, a crucial balance for any successful organization.

It is particularly beneficial for businesses looking for comprehensive health and financial strategies. It aims to provide a more cohesive understanding of how employee health can impact overall business performance and offer practical solutions to enhance workplace wellness and financial stability. 

About The TE Group:

The TE Group is a leading consulting firm specializing in financial planning, business accounting, and business consulting. With a team of experienced professionals and a client-centric approach, The TE Group offers customized solutions to help businesses optimize their financial and operational strategies. The firm’s innovative services, such as the Preventative Care Management Program (PCMP) and TE Solution (Tax-Efficient Solution), reflect its commitment to excellence and client success.

About US HealthCenter:

Founded in 2003, US HealthCenter is a Health Risk Management Company based in Milwaukee, WI. The company has been at the forefront of health management science and technology, focusing on preventing and managing diseases through its AI-driven PredictiMed™ platform. US HealthCenter serves nearly 200,000 members in North America and globally, providing solutions to employers, healthcare providers, and insurance companies.

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