June 21, 2024

Partnership will improve access to full-spectrum care that helps prevent and reduce high-cost, chronic metabolic health conditions

Dallas, TX and Phoenix, AZ, May 15, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Wondr Health, the proven leader in metabolic, emotional, and physical health transformation, today announced that it has partnered with Solera Health to enable fast, easy access to its expert, clinical behavior-change program for full-spectrum weight and obesity management. The Solera omni-condition management platform provides tailored solutions to health plan members and employers’ teams across the United States – matching millions of individuals based on acuity and engagement preferences.

As part of Solera’s curated network of proven solutions, the Wondr program helps employers and health plans offer personalized interventions designed to improve clinical outcomes and reduce costs.

“Joining Solera’s elite network of digital solutions enables us to bridge access gaps and transform the lives of even more people,” said Scott Paddock, CEO, Wondr Health. “With 15+ years of experience in the benefits space, we are always exploring ways to make it easy for employers and health plans to offer Wondr Health’s expert behavior-change programs, and the platform’s integration delivers the ultimate in flexibility and convenience.”

The CDC reports that overweight and obesity affect more than 70% of Americans, costing the U.S. health-care system $173 billion annually. The Wondr program goes beyond weight loss to transform whole-person health and treat the root cause of chronic metabolic conditions. Built to scale, Wondr provides employers and health plans a sustainable strategy to manage rising health-care costs and offer their population a highly effective, safe, and personalized experience differentiated by the human touch missing from many digital health and well-being programs in the market. Wondr participants lose approximately 5% of their weight and 50% reverse metabolic syndrome, hypertension, and diabetes risk, resulting in lower claims cost, and 2.1x ROI in the plan year.

“Obesity remains a leading cause of preventable morbidity and mortality, while accounting for significant health-care costs in the U.S.,” said Ed Liebowitz, EVP and Chief Strategy Officer at Solera. “Wondr’s advanced use of technology to coach individuals through weight loss has demonstrated strong results – and we are thrilled that our partnership will allow us to address an even broader population.”


About Wondr Health
Wondr Health is the proven leader in metabolic, emotional, and physical health transformation for everyone. Leveraging over 15 years of behavior change experience and partnership with health plans and employers, Wondr Health delivers interrelated, personalized, skill-building programs for weight management, obesity, nutrition, stress relief, anxiety, and movement that improve the health of participants. Powered by data-driven engagement expertise and personalized programming, and supported by expert content and coaching, the company’s flexible and scalable digital solutions engage populations, improve quality of life and health outcomes, and prevent and reduce the cost of chronic health conditions. To learn more, visit www.wondrhealth.com.

About Solera Health
Solera is changing lives by guiding people to better health solutions that work. Solera’s value-based technology platform enables successful interventions that address the most prevalent and costly chronic conditions. Solera matches consumers to their best-fit solution within carefully curated networks of digital and community-based point solutions and drives superior engagement and outcomes by managing performance. Solera’s technology platform serves payers and employers by streamlining, integrating, and creating accountability in the point solution ecosystem. For more information, visit www.soleranetwork.com.

CONTACT: Trent Freeman Innsena for Wondr Health 7733305540 [email protected]


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